President of ERO in the Board of Directors of CEER

On 1 February 2011,during the first day of the 69th General Assembly meeting of CEER, ERO’s President, Mr. Marek Woszczyk was elected Vice President of CEER Board of Directors.

Mr. Woszczyk is the first Pole to become a member of the Board of Directors of CEER.

According to the Council’s statute there can be between three and six members of the Board - the Chairman and five Vice Chairmen. Members of the Board are elected by a vote during the General Assembly meetings. Term of office for a member of the Board is 2 years with the possibility to be re-elected.
Lord Mogg (the Chairman of OFGEM)was elected Chairman of CEER for a consecutive cadence. The other four elected Vice Presidents are: from France - Mr. Michel Thiolliere (Vice President of CRE), from Germany - Mr. Johannes Kindler (Vice President of BNetzA), from Austria - Mr. Walter Boltz (President of E-Control) and from Italy - Mr. Carlo Crea (Secretary General of AEEG).

The role of the Board of Directors is to manage the activities of the Council and to represent it in its relations with external organizations and institutions. It is the Board’s responsibility to organize the meetings of the General Assembly and to supervise the CEER Secretariat. The Board liaises with the General Assembly in accordance with the Assembly’s decisions.

CEER (The Council of European Energy Regulators) is an independent, voluntary association for EU energy regulators. CEER’s main task is to support the development of competitive and integrated energy and gas markets in Europe.


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