Polish Regulator appointed Deputy Chairman of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)

On 21st April 2010, Mariusz Swora (Ph.D), President of the Energy Regulatory Office of Poland was elected by other energy markets regulators for the post of Deputy chairman of the organization.

- ERRA is an organization consisting of regulators from around several dozen countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. I find the fact that I was chosen for the post of Deputy chairman as a big honour and I think that the choice confirms the strong international position of Polish energy supervisory body - said Swora right after the announcement of ERRA’s General Assembly decision.

According to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Poland has the unique know-how that can be useful for other regulators from our region. This know-how, according to Mr Swora includes: development of intelligent systems of network measurements, advanced research studies in the areas of the energy poverty eradication and well established regulatory practices in many other fields of energy regulation.


Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) - is a voluntary association affiliating 28 independent regulatory authorities of energy market from countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. American National Regulator (NARUC) is an ERRA affiliated member, supported by the American Agency of the International Development (USAID). The Association's main objective is to increase exchange of information and experience among its members and to expand access to energy regulatory experience around the world.

ERRA supports the development of stable and autonomous organs of the regulation of the energy sector in member states, recognizing as crucial - information exchange and exchange of experience within the scope of the regulation in countries transforming their economy and implementing the market reform of energy, as well as by increasing the access to the knowledge about the regulation and the promotion of trainings in this scope in all states of the region.

Chairman of the Association is Mr. Gabor Szörényi, the Director of the Hungarian Energy Office.


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