Polish Regulator re-appointed as CEER Vice President

On January 30, 2013 the General Assembly of CEER appointed its new Board of Directors. As a result of election Marek Woszczyk, President of the Energy Regulatory Office, was re-appointed as CEER Vice President. This is the second term of the Polish Regulator in the CEER Board.

According to the Statutes of CEER, Board of Directors’ role is to manage the association and represent it externally in contacts with other organizations and institutions. Members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly (GA), which consists of representatives of all CEER Members - National Regulatory Authorities from Europe. The Board acts in agreement with and according to the GA decisions. Members of the Board are elected for two-year term and can be re-appointed.


CEER (Council of the European Energy Regulators) is a non-profit, independent and voluntary association of energy regulators from the EU Member States. The main objective of the association is to promote the development of efficient and competitive internal energy market in Europe. CEER is a platform for cooperation as well as exchange of information and best practices among European energy regulators.


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