European Electricity Regulatory Forum in Florence - 23-24 May 2011

The XXth meeting of the European Electricity Regulatory Forum took place in Florence on 23 and 24 May 2011.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Commission, ministries and regulators of the Member States and the Agency and all interested stakeholder associations. There were representatives of Norway and Switzerland.

Discussions and presentations were concentrated around four main topics: Infrastructure development, Electricity Regional Initiative, Market integrity framework and transparency (REMIT) and Internal market: single market by 2014.

With reference to infrastructure development the Forum welcomed ENTSO-E’s preparatory work underway for the 2012 ten-year network development plan (TYNDP). Participants recognized that this plan will be the key input to identifying projects of common interest under the new legislative framework to be proposed in October 2011.

One-stop shop

The Forum recognised the particular difficulties faced by TSOs and DSOs in securing the necessary permits. It underlined the need for more efficient and transparent permit granting procedures and welcomed the Commission's proposal, notably for the national prioritisation of projects of common European interest; the establishment of a one-stop shop at national level; and the possible establishment of defined time limits for the permit granting procedure. The Forum underlined the importance of infrastructure projects with a cross-border impact and stressed the need for a regulatory framework, which would adequately reflect European socio-economic benefits as well as the investment risks to foster private and public investments in energy infrastructure.

Concerning Regional Initiative, the Forum welcomed the proposal of the Commission for ACER to adapt the Regional Initiative’s tasks but to retain their composition whilst leaving the regional governance to remain flexible at this stage.

The Commission's request for a concrete "EU Energy Work plan 2011-2014" at a Pan-European and regional level was supported. ACER announced its intention to ensure consistency of these work plans.

Day-ahead market

The Forum encouraged all involved to work towards a rapid agreement on REMIT to allow for the implementation of the new market integrity and transparency framework for the internal electricity market without delay.

In regard to realisation of the internal market by 2014 the Forum underlined the need to continue the work within AESAG towards implementation of five road-maps in order to define the target model of the internal market. The Forum supported the continuation of the NWE project for both day-ahead and intra-day markets, in order to meet the target date of 2012. The Forum welcomed the report by ACER and ENTSO-E on the progress made on grid connection framework guidelines and the pilot connection network code.

The Forum welcomed the priorities the Commission proposes for 2012 and onwards. It was agreed that the emphasis shall be put on framework guidelines and network codes necessary to implement the target model of the European electricity market by 2014.

The next Forum will take place on 5 and 6 December 2011.


The Electricity Regulatory Forum, or Florence Forum, was set up to discuss the creation of a true internal electricity market. First Forum’s meeting hold in 1998, and since that time the Forum has meet once or twice a year. Regular meetings have given splendid opportunities for European regulatory institutions to deal with the strategic challenges they face. There were two sessions of Florence Forum in 2010, on 10 - 11 June and 13 - 14 December.


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