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9 ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference. April 19-20, 2010 Budapest, Hungary.

Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) will organize the annual meeting, gathering main players on the Central - East European „energetic scene” - the 9th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference.

The conference is to be held on April 19-20, 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. Introductory remarks will be presented by Dr. Gábor Szörényi, ERRA Chairman and David Coen, NARUC President.

Keynote address will be presented by The Honorable Péter Hónig, Minister (Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy, Hungary).

Ambitious topics
The conference offers a high level 2 day program including electricity and gas sessions focusing on the CEE, SEE, and CIS regions. The event will gather high level speakers and representatives from the ERRA-member regulators, European institutions, energy industry, international organizations, gas producing countries, consumers and press. The Conference aims to address the following ambitious topics:

  • Investment opportunities and needs in the energy sector and possibilities in the new financial environment;
  • Regulatory aspects of sustainable development of the energy industry;
  • Regulatory issues of importance to energy traders;
  • Natural gas - regulatory aspects.

Among invited experts and panelists we can meet e.g.: Josef Holjencik, Chairman, Regulatory Office for Network Industries, Slovakia; Lucia Passamonti, Co-Chair, Sustainable Development Task Force, CEER; Martin Apko, Managing Director, CAO Central Allocation Office GmbH; Nikola Radovanovic, Senior Expert for System and Legal Affairs, Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia.

From the Polish view very interesting will be the Fourth Session dedicated to the Natural Gas production and trade aspects with panelists Amaldo Orlandini, Head of Gas Division, Mercados; Commissioner V. Merkushov, National Energy Regulatory Commission, Ukraine; Mihály Bayer, Ambassador of Hungary to the Nabucco Project; Dr. Konstantin Petrov, Director, Markets and Regulation, KEMA Consulting.

ERRA - what’s that ?
ERRA is a voluntary international association of independent energy regulators primarily from the Central European and Eurasian region with affiliates from Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

The ERRA Conference offers meeting with ERRA member regulators and main actors on the European „energetic scene”. Among discussions and sessions we can expect also important informal declarations like Azerbaijan readiness to deliver gas for the needs of the Nabucco pipeline which was declared last year in Warsaw.

The ERRA Conference serves as a platform where experts and reprezentants of energy industry, public administration, consumers organization will not only hear the latest news on energy but where participants can actively exchange ideas with more than 100 energy regulators of the ERRA region.
Get actively involved in the discussion about the necessary improvements for the development of energy markets and for energy regulation for electricity, gas and sustainable development of the energy industry.

Last year in Warsaw
The previous ERRA Conference ‘Investment and regulation in power industry’ took place in Warsaw, and was successfully organized for the first time in Poland by international association of regulatory bodies and the (Polish national) Energy Regulator Office. Over two hundred guests from Europe, Asia and the United States of America - regulators, representatives of government administration, energy enterprises and advising companies, took parts in the debates in Warsaw.

The participants accepted with great interest The ERO President presentation entitled ‘Bringing Light to Market Forces. EU Perspectives on Liberalization of the Electricity Market’, presented diversified aspects of liberalizing the energy market. According to the President of ERO, Mr. Swora, the energy market needs an independent regulator equipped in tools to counteract negative results of market domination.

The ERO President also presented an idea for system solution, ensuring transparency and smoothness for the functioning of the wholesale market for electricity, where is the duty to sell electricity on the energy Exchange.

Building bridges
In the opinion of the Polish Regulator, ERRA has an important role to play in building bridges between countries of East and West Europe as well as Asia. The Polish body responsible for energy market regulation can bring much to the activities of the Association.

For much details please enter the ERRA and ERO websites.


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