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World Forum on Energy Regulation

The World Forum on Energy Regulation is the leading international conference on energy regulation, held only once every three years.

World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER IV)

October 18-21, 2009 in Athens, Greece

The WFER IV builds on the themes and key findings of the past three World Fora and will address new trends in energy regulation, recent developments in the energy industry and a range of regional and global issues.

The WFER IV will provide a unique conference and networking opportunity attended by more than 700 presidents and CEOs from the energy industry, government and international institution officials, high-level policy makers, academics and regulators from over 60 countries.

Among others, the three-day programme of WFER IV features numerous break-out sessions across four key themes:

  • Reliability and security of supply
  • The role of regulators in responding to climate change
  • Competitiveness and affordability
  • The independence, powers, responsibilities, best practices and training of regulators

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