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The ERO President approved the first storage tariff for PGNiG

Making PGNiG storages available to other entities is a good step towards competition on the gaseous fuel market.

Providing storing services for gaseous fuels will take place on the basis of storing installations of KPMG Mogilno as well as PMG Husów and PMG Wierzchowice. Due to technical differences (KPMG Mogilno is a cavern storage, and the others are deposit storages) the storing service will be offered separately for both types of storages (for the tariff needs PMG Husów and PMG Wierzchowice were joined in one - Virtual Storing Installation (Wirtualna Instalacja Magazynowa - WIM)).

The storing services will be offered in packages covering 1 mln m3 of active capacity together with the right power for congesting and receiving, different for cavern and deposit installations. Within the tariff, tariff groups were created, properly to the scope of services provided: MK - for commissioning the storing service in KPMG Mogilno; MZ1 – for commissioning the storing service in WIM on permanent conditions; MZ2 - for commissioning the storing service in WIM on intermittent conditions.

The storing capacities are necessary to run gas network movement. Without access to storing capacity (own or made available by other entity) it is not possible to be granted a license for natural gas trade with abroad.

PGNiG was appointed by the ERO President as the storing system operator on 31 December 2008. On 25 May this year it presented the storing tariff to the ERO President, which was accepted on 16 June 2009 after concluding tariff proceedings. This tariff was calculated on the basis of planned costs for running the activity in the frame of storing. The tariff Nr 1/2009 will be in force from 1 July 2009 until 31 March 2010.


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