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18.07.2024, 03:50

Natural gas market: 6,000 customers changed their supplier in 2023

Overall, 298 thousand customers in Poland buy gas from a supplier of their choice.

Under the current law (i.e. the so-called TPA - Third Party Access rule)[1], final customers of electricity and gas have been able to freely select their supplier since 2007. There are several major drivers behind supplier switching, including the level of customer awareness and their motivation to switch, as well as the ease of switching or the number of competitive offers available on the market. URE monitors this area and regularly publishes relevant data showing the dynamics on both markets.

Figure 1. Dynamics of gas supplier switching (number of changes) – customers and metering systems[2]

Figure 2. Number of gas supplier changes by tariff group (W1 - W10) in terms of customers and metering systems – as at the end of Q4 2023.


[1] As stipulated in Article 4(2) of the Energy Law Act.
[2] An electricity metering system is an electricity meter at the customer's premises used for measuring electricity and billing for that electricity. One consumer can have more than one electricity meter.


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