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URE President announces the schedule of auctions for selling renewable energy in 2023

Seven auctions for new RES units will be held in November.

According to the schedule of auctions for sale of energy from renewable sources agreed with the Minister of Climate and Environment, this year’s auctions will start on Monday 13 November and continue till 22 November. In the seven November auctions, a total of almost 88 TWh of green energy for a maximum value of approximately PLN 40.8 billion will be offered for sale.

The first auctions to be held on 13 and 14 November are those for units using landfill biogas, biogas from sewage treatment plants and other biogas, for dedicated biomass combustion installations, hybrid systems, thermal waste conversion installations, including high-efficiency cogeneration, as well as for dedicated multi-fuel combustion installations.

The next auction, on 15 November, will be open to installations using exclusively farm biogas, including high-efficiency cogeneration, with an installed electrical capacity of more than 1 MW.

Dedicated auctions for hydro, biofuel and geothermal sources are scheduled for 16 and 17 November, and divided into capacity baskets for both below and above 1 MW.

The last scheduled auctions for this year will take place on 21 and 22 November and concern photovoltaics and onshore wind installations (in two baskets: for installations below and above 1 MW).

The announcement of each auction session – as required by the Act on Renewable Energy Sources[1] – will be published in the URE's Public Information Bulletin.

The auctions held in 2023 will be reserved for the so-called new installations, which results from Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 27 September 2022 on the maximum volumes and value of electricity from renewable energy sources that may be sold in auctions in individual consecutive calendar years 2022-2027[2]

[1] Dz.U.2022.1378.
[2] Dz.U.2022.2085.




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