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Liquid fuels market: Fuel Platform goes live on 1 July

An electronic reporting system for traders operating on the liquid fuels market will be launched at the beginning of July.

Preparations for the launch of the Fuel Platform were announced by URE already in February. A new ICT system operated by the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves (RARS) is expected to help tighten up fuel trading and simplify reporting.

As of 1 July reporting only through the Fuel Platform

Following to the launch of the Platform, traders required to submit fuel trading reports will no longer be able to fulfil this obligation on paper. However, the scope and timing of reporting will remain unchanged.

As of 1 July, the following reports under the Energy Law should be submitted through the system:

Ultimately, the system will gather data on fuel companies collected based under:

  1. Energy Law Act;
  2. Act on stocks of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas, the principles of proceeding in circumstances of a threat to the fuel security of the State and disruption on the petroleum market.
  3. Act on the fuel quality monitoring and control;
  4. Act on liquid biocomponents and biofuels.

Entities that only buy and sell filled LPG cylinders or sell fuels only through fuel cards are exempt from the obligation to create an account on the Fuel Platform.

Detailed information on the new system and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the website of the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves.


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