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URE has published reports on average electricity prices in 2021

By the end of March each year, the regulator publishes average prices for electricity sold in the non-regulated market: for the fourth quarter of the previous year, for the whole year, as wells as the average prices for household customers.

In 2021, the average annual energy sale price in the non-regulated market was 278.08 PLN/MWh. A consistent price growth has been observed since 2017.

The average sales price of electricity in the non-regulated was growing even more rapidly in the last quarter of 2021 when it increased by nearly 100 per cent comparing to the 2017 level, reaching 325.26 PLN/MWh in the last quarter of 2021.

In 2021, the average electricity price for household consumers was 0.5947 PLN/kWh ( 594.7 PLN/MWh[1]). After a slight dip in 2019, prices for households grew by more than 20 per cent.

Figure 3. Average price of electricity for household customers in 2016-2021 including the electricity distribution service charge [PLN/kWh]


  • The average electricity price in the non-regulated market includes electricity sales (volume and value of electricity sold) by generators and trading companies in the non-regulated segments of the domestic wholesale electricity market (i.e. to trading companies under bilateral contracts[2] and to the power exchange). The calculation of the average does not take into account electricity sales to the balancing market (due to a technical nature of this market).
  • The average electricity price for household customers includes a distribution service charge which is calculated on the basis of prices under comprehensive agreements concluded in a given year.
  • The average prices for 2021 were published in the Communications of the President of URE No. 13/2022, 14/2022 and 15/2022.

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