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Gas market: in the last quarter of 2021 the quantity of natural gas purchased at TGE was eleven times higher than the volume of bilateral transactions

The prices quoted at the exchange were slightly higher than OTC prices. At the same time, prices in both markets were higher by nearly 180 per cent than in Q4 2020.

In Q4 2021, the volume of natural gas delivered as a result of transactions concluded in the OTC wholesale market in our country amounted to more than 5 TWh. The average price of gas purchased in this way was over 197 PLN/MWh. In the same period, 57 TWh of gas were supplied under contracts concluded at TGE, with an average price of PLN 209/MWh.

Compared to Q4 2020, in the last quarter of 2021 the volume of high-methane gas flowing through the Polish transmission system fell by almost 44 per cent. High-methane gas deliveries from outside the EU decreased by more than 55% while gas deliveries through the LNG terminal increased by nearly 31%. In contrast, gas deliveries from the EU went down by more than 7%.

At the end of Q4 2021, out of the 180 companies holding a licence for trade and supply of gaseous fuels in our country, 87 actively engaged in trading (48 per cent).


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