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ERRA Regulatory Research Award 2016 - call for papers

The President of ERO and Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) invites all interested researchers to submit papers for 3th edition of ERRA Regulatory Research Award.

The main objective of the Award is to expand energy regulatory research and analysis and contribute to improve regulatory practices among ERRA energy regulators. The nomination for the Award is open for researchers, students, professors, regulatory commissioners and staff members; individuals or group of candidates who are aware of the goals of the ERRA Award.

Proposed research fields:

  • Electricity system regulation
  • Gas system regulation
  • District heating regulation
  • Regulatory governance

Proposed Topics:

  • Regulation and investment: generation (new and rehabilitation), transmission and distribution systems
  • Market development and monitoring
  • Regional market integration
  • Price regulation approaches; affordability
  • Governance, management and operation of regulatory authorities
  • Customer empowerment
  • Energy policy and regulation: the relationship between government policy and regulators’ implementation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Role of regulators in climate change
  • Carbon pricing and regulation

The electronic version of the submitted Paper together with the filled submission form (available for downloading at the ERRA website: should be sent directly to the ERRA Secretariat e-mail address ( before 31 May 2016.

More information on the Award, including detailed content and format requirements, time-line and award for a Winner, may be found on the ERRA website.

The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) is a regional, not-for-profit organisation that associates regulators from the Central and Eastern European countries as well as Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. The organisation was founded in 2000. The shared purpose of all ERRA member countries is to improve the regulatory tools and strengthen the position of the regulatory bodies and their independence. ERRA’s activity is directed towards shaping permanent cooperation between the regulators, the exchange of information and regulatory experience, likewise increasing the access to regulatory knowledge and promoting training in this scope among member countries.



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