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Vice-President of ERO attended the 6th European Economic Congress

The current development-related dilemmas of the European Union were the main subject of discussions during this year's European Economic Congress held in Katowice. Mr Maciej Bando, Vice-President of the Energy Regulatory Office, attended this event which took place during the celebration of 10 years of Poland's membership in the European Union.

The key topics of the sessions included mainly energy and climate policy of the European Union, as well as investment projects and social aspects of economic phenomena, including migration. However, it was energy security that attracted particular attention. Therefore, during a debate in which the Vice-President of ERO participated, such issues as energy market in Poland and in the EU were discussed. The debate took place on the third day of the congress, 9 May 2014.

About the common energy market

The discussion participants claimed that the energy market, as well as the capacity market, now at the design stage, will depend more and more on regulations, both local and European. Mr Bando claims that introducing new regulations conforms to European trends that are characterized by diverging from liberalism in the electricity and gas sector. It is worth mentioning that stability, predictability and flexibility, i.e.. the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, are the three key elements on which solid regulatory tools are built. - emphasized Mr Bando.

The session participants, along with the Head of ERO, considered, among others, the possibility of creating a uniform electricity market in Europe taking into account different scenarios of development of Polish energy market in the long-term perspective. When discussing the new directions of the energy sector development, Mr Bando pointed out to the aspect of quality in relation to actions undertaken by the Energy Regulatory Office towards the distribution sector. The quality in terms of the energy supplied is as important as the quality regarding delivery and customer service - stated the Vice-President of ERO. He also reminded that ERO is in the process of consultations with energy companies in order to formulate rules on the introduction of a new method of DSO regulation. This new regulatory mechanism, created on the basis of quality rules, will ensure greater transparency of information about payments related to energy distribution and higher quality of rendered services - he ensured.

Moreover, according to the Vice-President of ERO, the coming years will be the time of revolutionary changes in the area of developing electricity and gas markets, during which the old tariff rules will no longer be valid and package offers, resulting from the synergy of energy and telecommunications sectors, will become more attractive.

About Polish power industry

A day earlier, as a part of the 6th European Energy Congress, the Vice-President of the Energy Regulatory Office participated in the debate entitled "Polish power industry - facts and myths". Key topics included e.g. the issues related to the process of liberalization and introducing smart solutions in favoring the energy market development that would be beneficial for all its participants.


The 6th European Economic Congress took place between 7 and 9 May 2014 in Katowice.

The European Economic Congress is one of the most important business events in Central Europe. Sessions were dedicated to areas of economy and public affairs like finances, energy and fuels, mining and steel industry, self-government and regional policy, infrastructure, transport and logistics, construction and real estate.

Each year the Congress is attended by numerous representatives of the European political scene interested in the problems of economic development.


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