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Exchange Information Platform - a comprehensive information on the wholesale energy market available to all

As of February 27, 2014, an accurate, up-to-date information on the Polish electricity market is available in one place - at the Exchange Information Platform (GPI) which was launched by the Polish Power Exchange ( GPI is also a platform where in the future market information under REMIT will be published.

GPI pursues the concept of the President of ERO to create commonly available information platform that will provide transparency on the energy market.

There are three sections on the GPI: REMIT data, electricity system data (including generation, capacity demand, planned outages, generation capacity) and POLPX markets data. The main purpose of GPI is to provide market participants with transparent and up-to-date information that will support them in business decision making.

“I welcome with great satisfaction the completion of the Regulator's initiative to create the Exchange Information Platform. The introduction of a tool that enables equal access to current information on the domestic power system for everyone, at any time and any place, is an important step towards balancing the interests of all market participants. I am convinced that enabling an access to complex and regularly updated market information will provide a stimulus for the competition development in the power sector”- said Maciej Bando, Vice President of the Energy Regulatory Office.


The Platform is a result of cooperation between Polish Power Exchange and other market participants. Following entities participated in the works of GPI Working Group:  Energy Regulatory Office, Polskie Sieci Energetyczne (Polish TSO), Tauron Polska Energia, PKP Energetyka, Vattenfall, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów - Adamów - Konin SA, Towarzystwo Obrotu Energią, Towarzystwo Gospodarcze Polskie Elektrownie, Forum Odbiorców Energii Elektrycznej i Gazu. Moreover,  the cooperation between POLPX and ACER was also established with regard to REMIT Implementing Acts.

“I am glad that the work has been completed and we can present the functionality and value offered by the Platform. Undoubtedly, the active involvement of market participants in use of the tool will contribute to the improved effectiveness of wholesale electricity market, and particularly its transparency. Quick access to up-to-date, clearly presented information on the condition of the power supply system, including current and projected data, introduces a completely new quality to the market. We have already started working on our next project - a Gas GPI”. - said Ireneusz Łazor, President of the Management Board, Polish Power Exchange.

Until the Implementing Acts enters into force, the authorised market participants will provide the so-called Urgent Market Messages (UMM) on a voluntary basis. The market participants will publish the UMM on GPI and, in parallel, on their own websites. The UMM concern e.g. planned and unplanned outages as well as other important information related to electricity market.

The honorary patronage over the project has been taken by the Polish Regulator.


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