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First anniversary of ACER Board of Regulators

The 8th meeting of ACER Board of Regulators took place on 4th May. This time EU Regulators met in the Agency’s headquarters in Ljubljana - almost exactly a year after the Board’s inauguratory meeting that was held in Brussels on 6th May 2010. ERO was represented by its President - Marek Woszczyk. During the first year of the existence of the ACER’s Board, the Regulators mainly focused on the organizational issues and constitution of ACER. In March 2011, with the official launch of ACER, the Board of Regulators began carrying out its tasks and functions. In accordance with the Regulation No 713/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, ACER Board of Regulators acts as a consultative and advisory body for the Director of the Agency. At the last meeting in Ljubljana the Board gave its first official opinion on the Director’s decisions concerning the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Energy (ENTSO-E) and for Gas (ENTSO-G). The EU Regulators favoured the Director Alberto Pototschnig’s proposal concerning the legal statutes, the statute and rules of membership for both associations. The discussion about the progress of work on the target model of the gas market, infrastructure package and the preparations for the upcoming Florence Forum were also on the agenda of the May meeting.

CEER General Assembly took place on the same day in Ljubljana. The Regulators talked about the future form of the regional initiatives and the CEER position on the soon to be released EU Commission’s announcement on the external aspects of the EU energy policy. During the meeting Marek Woszczyk informed and invited the Regulators to the Cracow conference  co-organized by the Energy Regulatory Office, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Treasury as one of the events of the Polish Presidency.

The next CEER General Assembly and ACER Board of Regulators meeting will be held on 6th - 7th June in Brussels.


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