Branch Offices

URE Regional Branches realize tasks stipulated in the ordinance of the Ministry of Economy as of 4 July 2002 concerning a precise territorial jurisdiction of each of the branch and the competence of Energy Regulatory Office branches as well as matters entrusted by the URE President.

The main tasks of the branches generally consist of conducting proceedings in matters of approving tariffs for heat, issuing licenses for activities in the scope of delivering heat to customers as well as disputes under Article 8 Act 1 of the Energy Law, but also investigating claims concerning the activities of energy enterprises, preparing information, documents and opinions regarding projects for development plans for energy enterprises for the President of URE, analyzing local occurrences in matters of the URE competence as well as contacts with regional administration and representatives of the sector.

The tasks of the URE Regional Branches include mainly:

  • issuing, amending, withdrawing or acknowledging of expiration of licenses (license promise) as well as preparing decisions imposing further running of the activity after the expiration of the license for entities carrying out business activity in the following fields :
  • production, transmission, distribution and trading of heat, as well as production of energy in co-generation;
  • distribution and trading of gaseous fuels for energy enterprises carrying out business activity in the form stipulated in Article 16 Act 6 point 1 of the Energy Law;
  • distribution and trading of energy for energy enterprises carrying out business activity in the form stipulated in Article 16 Act 6 point 2 of the Energy Law as well as for energy enterprises carrying out simultaneously business activity in the field of production of energy in co-generation;
  • trading of liquefied fuels, excluding cases of simultaneous performing other activity concerning liquefied fuels, which require obtaining the license,
  • controlling the compliance of conditions for running the business activity covered with the obligation of obtaining the license,
  • approving tariffs as well as exempting from the obligation of presenting tariffs for approval for companies running their business activity in the scope presented above,
  • controlling of tariff application by the above mentioned companies,
  • monitoring of fulfilling duties in the scope of carrying out accounting records and providing access to financial reports,
  • controlling, upon the application of the customer, the fulfillment of the quality parameters for gaseous fuels and energy,
  • submitting objections concerning the refusal for network connection,
  • monitoring the implementation of the duty to provide distribution services for gaseous fuels and energy as well as services for transmission and distribution of heat,
  • cooperation with appropriate local governments in voivodships and voivodes in matters concerning planning of supplies in gaseous fuels and energy,
  • controlling the compliance of limitations in distribution and consumption of gaseous fuels and energy in case of introducing such limitations,
  • monitoring the operation of gas and energy systems concerning the conditions of connecting entities to the network and making repairs of the network as well as delivering gaseous fuels and energy,
  • solving disputes stipulated in Article 8 of the Energy Law.

Wide competence of regional branches is connected by one common aspect – local character of the market, on which the enterprises carry out their business activities, being under the regulatory authority of different branches. The local market, on which the regulation is applied in almost full form (licensing, tariffication, controlling, settling disputes, imposing financial penalties), is the heat market. With reference to heating, the regional branches realize all competence of the URE President.

The Energy Regulatory Office consists of the Central Office in Warsaw and the following regional branches:

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