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On first July, ERO launched new information campaign.

The President of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) - Mariusz Swora (Ph.D.) and the ERO Vice - President, Marek Woszczyk, opened a new education campaign focused on consumers rights on the electricity market.

On 1st of July, three years passed since everyone has the right to choose and switch their electricity supplier. However, only a few Polish citizens know about their rights on the energy market. Therefore, the ERO prepared information campaign which we consider to be important for energy customers. A simple information will be a watchword of the first phase of the campaign - “Electricity is also a commodity. Decide, from whom you buy it”.

- According to the social analyses approximately 89% of households are not aware of their rights to switch the energy supplier - said President M. Swora during the press conference last Thursday. - We have prepared public campaign focused on Polish energy customers. The principle purpose of the campaign is eliminating the information gap at the customers level, which is a serious barrier in the market development.

- The real “campaign” has been carried out by us for three years - said M. Swora. Only in 2008 - 2009, our experts prepared over 380 workshops and trainings, most of them were dedicated to the promotion of customers’ rights to switch the energy supplier. Unfortunately, the situation still is not satisfactory, therefore we are starting the next educational action.
As the success of the regulator should be treated the simplification of switching procedures. - We are trying, by using all available tools, to make switching procedure simpler and more transparent for all energy customers - said also M. Swora.

Also Marek Woszczyk discussed the situation on the Polish energy market in the context of possible liberalization.

- We want to educate the electricity consumers of their rights on the energy market. - He also underlined that - When energy prices are one day liberalized, the knowledge about how to switch energy supplier will be the main consumer ’tool. Without this knowledge, citizens will be defenseless. At the end he added - Our goal is to enable customers to choose and enforce this possibility at the energy market.

A new website is one of the most important elements of the campaign.


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