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You have a choice. 30 thousand guests visisted a brand new ERO website

During the first few days of internet broadcasting, the ERO new website: has been visited 30 thousand times. It is almost 17 times more than the number of energy customers who have switched their electricity supplier during the last three years.

30 thousand guests

During the first four days of the ERO’s information campaign - till 5th of July, the campaign’s website -, has recorded over 30 thousand visits. The brand new Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) website is addressed to the energy customers and it is an important element of the information campaign which began on July 1st , 2010 - precisely on the third anniversary of market opening for energy customers.

During the campaign, since July till October 2010, about 40 thousand posters and about half a million of leaflets will be send all over the country, workshops will be organized for all groups of customers. In major Polish cities since 16 July we will see 1000 large-format posters. In one of the most popular Polish TV series - „ L for love ”, 7 million spectators will have an opportunity to see how switching of electricity supplier works in practice (so called an idea placement).

A simple information is a watchword of the first part of the campaign - “Electricity is also a commodity. Decide, from whom you buy it”.

You have a CHOICE - Touch the pad

One element of ERO’s activities was to prepare a consumer website - The website in a very simple and accessible way explains switching procedures of the electricity supplier. Currently, website is an interactive ERO e-guide, no double - talk, no slang, only pointed information applying to the customers’ rights: what, where, when...


On the 1st of July 2010 , three years passed since everyone obtained the right to choose and switch their electricity supplier. However, only a few Polish citizens know about their rights on the energy market. During the regulatory press conference on the 1st July 2010, Mariusz Swora, talked about pessimistic and poor figures concerning number of switches to different suppliers made by the electricity consumers.


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