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Electricity Regulatory Forum in Florence

The 18th Florence Forum meeting took place on 10th and 11th of June, 2010. The Office was represented by Marek Woszczyk, the Vice - President of ERO.

Parallel to the Forum debates, meetings of associations consisting of European Regulatory Offices also took place: 63. meeting of the General Assembly of Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and 29. meeting European Regulators' Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG).

Representatives of European Commission, governments of EU member states, as well as representatives of national regulatory offices, representatives of the Union of the Electricity Industry - EURELECTRIC, European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO) and other associations and trade organizations have participated in the Electricity Regulatory Forum in Florence. Discussions and presentations were held in 6 thematic blocks: Regional Initiatives; Internal Markets; Principles, guidelines and the transparency of integration of the energy market; Development of the energy infrastructure; International matters; Renewable Energy Resources (RER) influence on power market. An action of parties, which aimed at a more further development and improving the energy market have been supported during Forum debates. Simultaneously a necessity of the constant cooperation was also emphasized in discussed fields.


The Electricity Regulatory Forum was set up to discuss the creation of a true internal electricity market. It is currently addressing cross-border trade of electricity, in particular the tarification of cross-border electricity exchanges and the management of scarce interconnection capacity.

Participants include national regulatory authorities, Member State governments, the European Commission, transmission system operators, electricity traders, consumers, network users, and power exchanges.


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