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The most important on the electricity market is the customer - the ERO on European Economic Congress

On 17 April Marek Woszczyk, the ERO Vice-President participated in a panel ‘Power industry - market of electricity’ taking place in the scope of European Economic Congress, in which international experts, politicians, representatives of the scientific and entrepreneurs world discussed abort the shape of European economy.

The panel discussion was opened by prof. Jerzy Buzek, and the introductory speech was presented by Andris Piebalgs, EU Commissioner regarding electricity. The commissioner concentrated on solutions included in the so called III energy pack, which aim at getting further progress in creating single European energy market.

Panelists discussed the subject of liberalization level of the market in particular EU countries as well as about the activities necessary to be done with the aim of deepening the liberalization process on the energy market. The chairman Woszczyk paid attention to the fact, that the most important on the energy market is the consumer. It is the consumer, the final recipient of electricity, who should be recognized as the fundamental and final beneficent of liberalization processes. All activities and decisions concerning the liberalization of rules and regulations of functioning of the market have to be undertaken with the benefits in mind, which should come out for the customers - he underlined.


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