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The second day of the conference ‘Investment and regulation in power industry’ of international regulatory association ERRA and the ERO President

Smooth and transparent wholesale market, OSP and OSD independence, independent regulator as well as efficient protection of end user rights - these are according to the ERO President - the basic conditions for liberalization of energy market.

During the second day of the conference ‘Investment and regulation in power industry’ taking place in Warsaw, organized for the first time in Poland by international association of regulatory bodies, the ERO President dr Mariusz Swora and the ERO Vice-President Marek Woszczyk took part in panel discussions.

The ERO President in a presentation entitled ‘Bringing Light to Market Forces. EU Perspectives on Liberalization of the Electricity Market’ presented diversified aspects of liberalizing the energy market. According to the President of ERO, Mr. Swora, the energy market needs an independent regulator equipped in tools to counteract negative results of market domination. The ERO President also presented an idea for system solution, ensuring transparency and smoothness for the functioning of the wholesale market for electricity, where is the duty to sell electricity on the energy exchange.

During the second day of the conference, in the panel discussion concerning ‘Liberalization of the Energy Markets’ took part as well Charles E.Box (USA), Sergey Popovsky (Russia), Sergey Katyshev (Kazakhstan), Francesca Gostinelli (Italy), Gábor Szörényi (Hungary). On the other hand, in the panel ‘Regulatory Issues of Energy Pricing’ participated: prof. Edvins Kamitis (Lithuania), Florin Gugu (Romania), Entela Shehaj (Albania), Giles Stevens (Great Britain) and Sergey Dunaylo (Ukraine).


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