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Slovakia takes advantage of Polish experience

The ERO shares its Polish experience concerning the creation of reserves and storing natural gas. Polish regulations regarding this subject create good example for our southern neighbors.

At the beginning of March in the Energy Regulatory Office was held a meeting initiated by the Slovak party with representatives of the State Reserve Agency from the Slovak Republic. Our southern neighbors wanted to learn about existing legal regulations in Poland as well as procedures concerning the creation of reserves and storing natural gas. In the meeting participated representatives from the Material Reserves Agency as well.

Participating in the meeting the ERO representatives presented the Slovak guests with legal solutions concerning the maintaining of gaseous fuel reserves and elements for procedures in crisis situations. The aim of such regulations is to guarantee the supply of gas to the country and to limit the effects of possible threats to the fuel security of the country, which may occur, among others, as a consequence of damage to the gas network.

Such meetings confirm the necessity to maintain contacts between institutions responsible for energy security of the European Union countries. These institutions can take advantage of their own knowledge and implement solutions, which work well in other countries.

Slovakia is one of the countries that suffered the most as a result of the gas crisis, which took place at the beginning of 2009. Our southern neighbors practically do not have their own gas resources, importing about 97% of their annual consumption of this raw material.


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