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Lower energy bills in 2014

The President of ERO has approved tariffs of electricity DSOs and the incumbent suppliers who sell electricity to households. New tariffs, which became effective at the beginning of January, will lower households’ electricity bills by 2.5% cent on average.

On 17 December, the President of ERO approved tariffs for sales of electricity, submitted by Enea SA, Energa - Obrót SA, PGE Obrót SA and Tauron Sprzedaż. All approved tariffs assume lowering electricity prices for the customers in G tariff group, i.e. households, from about 6.2 to 6.5%. Lower energy prices in the approved tariffs result from lowering the price of electricity purchase on the wholesale market.

The regulator has also approved tariffs for the following distribution system operators: Energa Operator, Enea Operator, Tauron Dystrybucja, RWE Operator and PGE Dystrybucja. DSO’s tariffs will increase by 3.1% on average, whereas distribution charge rates for households will increase by approx. 2.1% on average. The increase in distribution rates results from the need to maintain the continuity and security of electricity supply (an increase of quality fee on the bill) and higher transitional fee that is related to the costs of terminating long-term contracts concluded with electricity generators for the sale of power and electricity.

Consequently, bills of households that purchase electricity from incumbent suppliers will decreased by 2.5% on average.

This is the second time the regulator has decreased the energy prices. Previously, lower electricity prices were approved in June 2013 and became effective at the beginning of July 2013.


Tariffs for the sales and distribution of electricity became effective on 1 January and shall be binding until the end of 2014.


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