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Establishment of the permanent Forum of the V4 Regulatory Authorities

On 6 November in Budapest, the representatives of the national regulatory authorities from the Visegrad Group (V4 - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) signed a Joint Statement on cooperation and established the Permanent Forum of the Presidents of V4 Regulatory Authorities.

Integration of the energy markets within the V4 Group is a next step towards creation of the single European energy market. Forum of the V4 Regulators will be a platform to exchange experience, knowledge and best practices among the regulators and to address specific problems of individual countries as well as the whole V4 Group. The purpose of the Forum is to enhance cooperation of the parties in the scope of common gas and electricity markets development in the V4 region and in the whole Central Eastern European region. It also aims to ensure improvement of the security of supply and empower energy customers.

A big part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the current challenges that V4 regulators face i.a. integration of electricity markets in the region or the North-South Gas Corridor construction.


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