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Exemption from the obligation to have tariffs for trade in methane-rich gas approved - schedule

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office hereby informs that energy companies that hold a licence for trade in gaseous fuels or foreign trade in natural gas, will be exempt from an obligation to submit, for approval, tariffs for gaseous fuels in the part regarding the sale of methane-rich natural gas to end users other than households.

The conditions for the aforesaid exemption will be fulfilled following entering into force of the obligation to sell in public forms of sales at least 30% of methane-rich natural gas fed into the transmission network (i.a. to end users who consumed at least 25 million cubic metres in the preceding calendar year).

Once an obligation to sell natural gas through a commodity exchange has come into force, all energy companies who hold licences for trading in gaseous fuels or foreign trade in natural gas, will receive, upon their request, individual decisions on the exemption from the obligation to submit tariffs for approval.

Whether other commercial groups of methane-rich natural gas users will be exempted from the obligation to have tariffs approved will depend on the obligation to increase, in the coming years, the percentage of methane-rich natural gas sold publicly first to 40%, and then to 50% of the gas fed into the transmission network. Moreover, repeated analysis of whether the conditions of a competitive market, determined in Article 49, section 3 of the Energy Law Act, have been fulfilled, will be carried out taking into account the effects of imposing the obligation to sell 30% of gas on the commodity exchange.


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