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President of ERO attended the 22nd meeting of the European Gas Regulatory Forum

Mr Marek Woszczyk, President of ERO, took part in the 22nd meeting of the European Gas Regulatory Forum held on 2 and 3 October 2012 in Madrid.

The meeting discussed issues related to the progress in the process of integration of the Member States’ national markets into a single EU energy market, with particular focus on works aimed at developing Network Codes.

Forum participants thanked for the contribution to developing Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Network Code (CAM NC), in particular expressed their appreciation to all third parties involved in the process. CAM NC, drawn up by the ENTSO-G, has been already evaluated by ACER. Therefore, Forum participants invited the European Commission to launch the committee procedure as soon as possible, pointing out to the fact that the code will contribute to creating a single internal energy market. The meeting participants endorsed the decision of the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on early implementation of the draft CAM network code and asked to present a report on the progress of implementation at the next meeting. At the same time, they supported Regional Initiatives and recommended further implementation of projects with cross-border effects and continuation of NRAs and TSOs work contributing to creation of a single energy market.

Forum participants also welcomed the work on monitoring the way access regimes for gas storage are defined. However, they asked Member States to draw up a list of criteria according to the guidelines developed by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), which would allow for defining storage access regimes in the Member States.

Moreover, Forum participants urged Member States that await third package transposition, to implement new regulations, as well as called on NRAs, TSOs and the European Commission to continue the certification process in an efficient manner. TSOs and NRAs were also invited to report on implementation works on Guidelines for Congestion Management Procedure during the next Forum meeting. Moreover, ACER’s work on the monitoring of compliance with transparency provisions of Regulation no. 715/2009 was welcomed.

The 22nd meeting of the European Gas Regulatory Forum raised also other important issues related to creating a single gas market, such as framework guideline on rules regarding harmonised transmission tariff structure for gas. Forum participants expressed their appreciation for the work so far and expressed their support for further works.

As for the European Infrastructure Package, the participants supported the activity of ENTSO-G as regards formulating a CBA methodology for the gas sector projects and common work on the first list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

In the case of REMIT, Forum participants pointed out to the necessity of proper articulation of tasks related to REMIT and financial services regulations. Additionally, they concentrated on a pilot programme regarding gas quality control.

The Forum participants hoped that intensified efforts focused on taking up challenges by all EU Member States, will help to solve energy-related problems and complete a creation of the single internal gas market.


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