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The number of households switching supplier is constantly growing

Since May 2012, a continuous growth in the number of customers from G tariff group who switch their energy supplier is observed - according to the ERO monitoring.

In August 2012, 6,025 households (G tariff group) changed their energy supplier, while in July 5,288 households decided to do so. On the other hand, among customers from A, B and C tariff groups (industrial customers), 4,977 changes of energy supplier were recorded in August 2012, a slightly higher number than in July.

The following chart shows data related to the number of energy supplier switching in the period from January to August 2012, broken down by customer groups.

Data obtained during the ERO monitoring indicate that the number of TPA users grew in the period from January to August 2012 among households and also in A, B and C tariff groups. As at the end of August 2012, the number of TPA users in the G tariff group was 51,047, i.e. an increase by 256% since the end of December 2011, whereas among industrial customers 56,185 TPA users were recorded as at the end of August 2012, i.e. an increase by 34,469 customers (158.7%) as compared to the end of last year.

The below chart shows data on supplier switching in selected months in the period from December 2009 to August 2012:

Taking into consideration the current data obtained from the ERO monitoring, until the end of August 2012, 107,232 customers took advantage of their right to change the energy supplier: 51,047 households and 56,185 industrial customers.


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