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Energy efficiency workshop at Warsaw University of Technology

Energy policy is one of the most important issues of the current and planned activities of the EU for both Poland and Denmark, the country which will take over the Presidency of the EU Council after Poland.

At the last of the Polish Presidency events co-organized by ERO, Royal Danish Embassy in Poland and Energy Regulatory Office invited representatives of European institutions, regulators, distribution and transmission system operators, national energy agencies, ICT sector, academics as well as Polish and Danish energy companies.

Regulation, Industry, Science - during three sessions of the Workshop the participants discussed connections between smart technologies and energy efficiency goals included in acquis communautaire, the changing legal environment - especially in the light of the European Commission directive proposal on energy efficiency and Polish economic commitments described in EU climate and energy package.

The opening session was held by Professor Włodzimierz Kurnik, Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology, and the workshop hosts: Thomas Østrup Møller, Royal Danish Ambassador in Poland, and Marek Woszczyk, President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

In the opening speech the President of ERO emphasized common goal of both Presidencies i.e. energy efficiency. The idea of energy efficiency covers more than only saving energy and can be defined in many ways - I choose a multidimensional definition that combines saving resources, ensuring energy security, enhancing competition as well as improving the environmental aspect - said Marek Woszczyk. He added that ERO supports CEER’s position on the proposed energy efficiency directive, especially on more flexible regulations in relation to the means of achieving the common goal of energy savings based on individual solutions created by the Member States in line with national conditions. He also underlined the question of the technical and economical justification of the undertaken activities in order to avoid unproportional costs.

The European Commission was represented by Ms Dagmara Kośka, PhD, Member of the Cabinet of European Commissioner for Energy, who presented the review of the work on the EU directive on energy efficiency.

In the session devoted to regulation Tomasz Kowalak, PhD, Director of Tariff Department of ERO presented the Polish regulator’s activity in the field of smart grids drawing attention to the preparation of support mechanisms for smart technologies.

Danish regulation model that supports the energy efficiency and efficiency benchmarking - the review of the Danish energy sector with the focus on energy efficiency and pro-investment tools used by the Danish regulator were the subject of the presentations from Kaspar Villum Hansen - Advisor to Danish Energy Regulatory Authority and Jens Gorm Hansen - Senior Policy Advisor (Dansk Energi).

The participants of the sessions on Industry and Science emphasized the integrating function of smart grids and the role of science in the success of modernization processes.

According to Rafał Czyżewski, the President of the Board of ENERGA Operator S.A., Distribution System Operator should function as a technological platform. Jan Rączka, PhD, the President of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management presented the first in Poland, prepared in cooperation with ERO’s President, system for financing the smart projects - Priority Program “Smart Grid”.

Mariusz Swora, PhD, representing Jagiellonian University (ERO’s President in the years 2007-2010) talked about civic modules of intelligent technologies in energy on the example of United States in the presentation How to tame the smart grid dragon? Local challenges and global opportunities. According to Mariusz Swora the development and full use of smart grids without the active participation of end users will not be possible.


The meeting held at the Warsaw University of Technology was the third, after the Cracow conference - Competitive and integrated market as a guarantee of the EU energy security and the meeting of CEER’s Retail Markets and Customer Working Group - ERO’s project as a part of the Presidency and at the same time the conclusion of the one year educational campaign - “Danish Sustainable Living” under the patronage of His Excellency Ambassador of Denmark in Poland and the President of Energy Regulatory Office.

The Workshop was accompanied by the exhibition on energy efficiency presenting technological achievements of Polish and Danish companies. The exhibition took place on 5-7 December 2011 at the main foyer of Warsaw University of Technology.


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